Magda is absolutely amazing! She has a way of helping you see for yourself what is really causing your struggles and how you have the power to overcome them.


She is a very loving and caring individual who can connect with you yet give you the objective advice you need to hear. Her workshops are not only wonderful, but provide a great opportunity to meet and connect with other beautiful people, while creating bonds that can last forever.


Financial Advisor

Ontario, Canada


When I met Magda Juliana I was trying to find the courage to leave an abusive marriage. With her guidance and mentorship, I was able to find the strength and validation to make this transition and build a new life that is better than I could have ever imagined.


She is an outstanding coach, mentor and magical soul who is passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of others. She helped me bring clarity and steered me on the path I was meant to live authentically! I am forever grateful for her expertise and constant support. Thank you Juliana! What a blessing.


Toronto, Canada

B. K.

I was in a very low period in my life, lost in the aftermath of a failed relationship due to betrayal and feeling the pressures of family expectations.

After my mentorship with Magda Juliana I have felt a renewed energy and am feeling quite good about myself and my life.
After working with her I feel so positive and light. Like a weight has been lifted and I can see the world in a whole new perspective.

Thanks a lot for all your support and inspiration. You’re a beautiful soul.


Mumbai, India.


I’ve known Magda Juliana for well over a decade now, and I can highly recommend her work. She listens supremely well, is a powerful mentor and guide (love her meditations!), and can help to support others when they don’t believe in themselves. If anyone is desiring transformation and positive results in their life experience, then Magda is your guide!


Mentor and Evolutionary Astrologer

U. K.

L. N.

While experiencing work burn out and overwhelm, I turned to Magda Juliana for guidance and advice She helped me understand how to ground myself, navigate the anxious thoughts and from there learn how to express myself with clarity and confidence. This changed how I showed up for my employees, my team and myself.

I went from being very reactive to having confidence in my responses. She taught me how important self awareness is and it has helped me self regulate and be a better team leader at work and individual in my personal life.
Magda Juliana always provides a safe, judgement-free space. She is patient as I ask questions, recount stories and she helps me make sense of the new information coming to me.

She helped me process Information in a step by step way which gave me insight and clarity

I have a new found understanding for my learned behaviour patterns and the tools for how I can unlearn habits and seek more peace, understanding and calmness from within.

I am forever grateful for the wisdom and perspective Magda gives. She has a beautiful heart and a way about her that welcomes you in, makes you feel empowered and not to mention she has such a soothing voice to help calm me down when I feel in a heightened state.

Thank you Magda for your continued support, strength and guidance.


Senior Program Supervisor

Toronto, Canada


For the many years I have worked with Magda Juliana and she never ceases to amaze me.


Always knowing exactly what to say and when. Not sure how she does this but there is always a message coming through at a time when I need to hear it.


She has opened my eyes to see things differently when I’m stuck in/with my feelings, helping me move my energy.


Resulting in a more relaxed, less anxious, ME. I love the different lenses she brings to different situations making things easier to understand.


Life happens for you, not to you.


I have attended many of Juliana’s workshops and have learned so much. I actually have a hard time pin pointing my favourite! I am so grateful for her guidance & her sharing of knowledge & experiences.


Toronto, Canada


When my newborn son passed away, I was absolutely lost, to the point that I was unsure I had the strength or the will to continue living. With the help of Magda Juliana, I have been able to transform this pain into feeling hope again. I am now able to get up out of bed and take care of my kids, and my family. I had been neglecting to deal with my newly diagnosed diabetes with all the overwhelm I had, and now I have begun to take the small steps towards managing my health, motivated to be a living example to my kids and feeling inspired to create a new business and get back to my hobbies that bring me joy. With Magda Juliana’s support I am now more confident and I feel like I can face any challenge.