About Magda Juliana


I began my passion for service through my studies and working as a psychotherapist.  After several years of practice, I felt a calling to expand to a more Ontological approach and focus on mentoring women on their journey through self-discovery and healing.


I spent many years counselling immigrants to Canada, specifically Latin Americans, faced with the many challenges moving to a new country involves. My family originates from Colombia, which affords me a personal perspective to their challenges and experiences. I am also honoured to be able to speak Spanish fluently, which allowed them the freedom and ease to express themselves in their native language in our sessions, allowing for better understanding and connection.  


My own personal experience with sexual traumas, body dysmorphia, infertility, anxiety/depression and renewal after divorce, allowed for an evolution in my mentorship services to include a holistic, empowering, yet gentle and organically effective approach to guiding women towards their Balance; their personal equilibrium from which peace and wellbeing can arise.  


Our wisdom and strength comes from within. Once you tap into that source, there is literally nothing that can stop you from living a life of joy, clarity and freedom.


Bsc. Psychology
Counselor Training Institute of Canada
QHHT - Quantum Healing of Hypnosis Technique - Level 1 Practitioner
Fitness Yoga Teacher Certification
AVESA Quantum Clairvoyance Certification Training
Free Your Mind Meditation Speciality Certification - Maureen Rae Studios
Reiki Level 1 Practitioner
AVESA Quantum Balance Healing - Healer Training
AVESA Medical Intuitive - Level 1

Somos SERES cuyo bienestar y mayor potencial se relacionan íntimamente con nuestro EQUILIBRIO que va desde el ámbito interno de las emociones, la conciencia a nivel psicológico y del alma hasta las dinámicas externas de nuestra identidad con la sociedad, la carrera, la familia, el hogar y los elementos ambientales. Este momento de paz y equilibrio permite un silencio y desapego que amplifica la voz dentro de cada uno de nosotros, que sostiene nuestra propia VERDAD ELEMENTAL personal. Una verdad que nadie más que nosotros mismos puede proporcionar. Es el elixir de la vida, una libertad como ninguna otra.

Magda Juliana Diaz